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Calibration drums

The calibration cylinder is an apparatus used for the sampling of fluids which will be used to validate various type of analysers. Is used with the aid of a 500cc sample bottle which contains the same fluid that will be analysed from the laboratory. Once the laboratory has performed the analysis of sample, captured with the 500cc sample bottle, the user has the knowledge of the correct composition of the sample captured in the calibration cylinder.

It is used with a 500 cm3 flask that contains the same liquid that will be analyzed in the laboratory. As soon as the laboratory has analyzed the sample taken from the sample flask with a volume of 500 cm, the user has learned about the correct composition of the sample taken in the calibration cylinder.
It’s used to the calibration of the analyzer in refinery.

Usually it is constructed in stainless steel with double camera: one for the hydrocarbon and one for the nitrogen.
The housing and the piston are usually made of SS316/316L.
Other materials available on requests (e.g. 2205, 2507, Titanium Grade 2).
The seal gaskets, due to use with a wide range of corrosive fluids, are provided in Teflon PTFE.
Others type can be supplied based on fluid type.
The cylinders are designed, as standard, in accordance with the reference standard ASME VIII Div.1
They cylinder can also be designed in accordance with European standards EN13445, AD 2000, BS5500 based on specific requirement.

The device is designed to operate under the following standard conditions:

    • Pressure: up to 50 Bar
    • Temperature:  -10°C up to 200 °C
    • Sample side:  Fluid Dangerous Gases Group 1
    • Nitrogen side:  Non-hazardous fluid content Gas Group 2

The lower part of the cylinder is used to contain the sample for Analyzer validation, while the upper one is used for moving the piston and the consequent sample pushing to the Analyzer.
The fluid must be free of solid impurities that can damage the gaskets.
The cylinder can be fitted with magnetic rod to detect the level of the content.

The data needed to perform a correct quotation are:

    • Design code and country of installation
    • Design Pressure and Temperature
    • Type of fluid to be sampled
    • Total capacity of the cylinder (std. 5 l, others available volumes on request, e.g. 3l, 10l, 15l, up to 50l)
    • The gaskets are lip type self-regulating, and are suitable for several operating cycles (approximately 100.000 h)

Max. Flowrate: No limits
Degree of filtration: No limits
Max. Pressure: 1500 Bar
Min. Pressure: -1 Bar
Max. Productivity: No limits