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Self-cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters are mainly used to remove solid matter from liquid, with a degree of filtration that can vary from 35 microns up to 6000 microns.
The liquids subjected to filtration can be different: sea water, well water, groundwater, river and surface water, crude oil, fuel oil, etc.
The construction materials can be different: carbon steel, stainless steel and special austenitic ferritic steels such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Nickel alloys and Titanium Gr. 2. Also the dimensions are fully customizable.
This backflushing filter uses a unique system that keeps constantly clean the filter element surface ensuring maximum filtering efficiency. During the filtration, the liquid passes through the filter elements from the inside to the outside or vice versa depending on the chosen type. During the cleaning phase a small part of clean fluid back flushes each filtering element.

This phase is managed by an automatic control system that starts and stops an electric motor. This motor opens and closes the automatic drain valve.
The filter is washed without interrupting the outlet flow.
Jointly they are provided with a timer and a differential pressure switch.

This makes it possible to achieve high and uniform flows, perfect for filling operations and for continuous lines of production, with reduced operating and maintenance costs.
All filters can be supplied according to the most common international standards: ASME Sec. VIII, EN13445, BS BS500, AD2000 and can be tested according to PED2014 / 68 / EC requirements, supplied with CE mark and USTAMP as needed.
We can design this type of filter for many applications but the principal one is the removal of liquid particles.
The filter elements can be realized in all type of metallic materials.

Type of liquids: industrial, water, hydrocarbon, gasoline, oil, propane, etc.
This type of filters is used for electro-chlorination plans, prefiltration of osmosi plans, water treatment, or in protection of the seals of Peltron, Fransis o Kaplan turbines for energy production.

They are often installed as pre-filters.

Max. Flowrate: No limits
Degree of filtration: No limits
Max. Pressure: 1500 Bar
Min. Pressure: -1 Bar
Max. Productivity: No limits