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Cyclone separators

The cyclone filters separators are mainly used for the disposal of solid impurities from the gas. The main applications are the wellheads and the placement at the entrance of compressor stations, distribution systems and many other industrial processes.
This type of filters allows to combine high separation efficiency to a constant load loss and low maintenance costs.

The materials used for the realization can be different: carbon steel, stainless steel and special austenitic ferritic steels such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Nickel alloys and Titanium Gr. 2, considering also the conditions in which the filters operate.
The device that performs the separation is composed of a set of parallel cyclones, through which the gas passes, producing the fall of the solid particles. The solid particles have a higher density than that of the gas.
The removal efficiency for such apparatus is generally equal to 100% of the droplets/particles with diameter greater than or equal to 8 microns.

All filters can be supplied according to the most common international standards: ASME Sec. VIII, EN13445, BS BS500, AD2000 and can be tested according to PED2014 / 68 / EC requirements, supplied with CE mark and USTAMP as needed.
We can design this type of filter for many applications: the principal one is the removal of solid particles.
The filter elements can be realized in stainless steel material.

Type of gas: Industrial, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Air, Natural gas.
This type of filters is used for scrubber plans and metering skids for natural gas purification before turbine.
They are often installed after/before a double stage filter and before a demister filter.

Max. Flowrate: No limits
Degree of filtration: No limits
Max. Pressure: 1500 Bar
Min. Pressure: -1 Bar
Max. Productivity: No limits